Our annual Bull Sale is held in late August each year. We generally aim to sell between 70 and 80 bulls. About half are usually two year old bulls, and half are yearling bulls.

The sale is run on AuctionsPlus as a simultaneous sale. All bulls are on sale all the time - until no one has bid on any bull for at least a minute. The bulls are penned next to the selling centre. Buyers are free to inspect the bulls at any time during the sale.

Bidding can be either on site or off site through AuctionsPlus.


We sell cows and heifers at the end of summer. We sell some of these animals on AuctionsPlus and give the purchaser the option of having the animals transferred to their ownership as registered (HBR or APR) animals for an additional cost.

Selected cows and heifers were sold in 2017 over the internet. From date of first advertisement we had a period of time during which offers could be made and bidding parties were kept informed of the current offers. At a predetermined final date we accepted or rejected the highest offers made on any animal. Animals not sold remained for sale for another fortnight.


We made embryos available for sale or swap shortly after the cow and heifer sale. The procedure was the same as for the cow sale except that we were willing to accept embryos in exchange for our embryos. 


Beefweek is our main open day each year. We expect that our Beefweek Open Day will be on Tuesday June 26.

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